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Hot Tub Cover Lifters

Hot Tub Cover LiftersStop breaking your back fighting with your hot tub cover every time you want to get in the spa. We have a large selection of hot tub cover lifters that will help make your life easier by getting the cover off of your hot tub quickly and easily.

America's #1 Selling Spa Cover Lifter! Lifts bulky hot tub cover with ease. Base of cabinet mount accommodates irregular shaped spas. Clearance for wall depends on cover size - typically 8-10". Fits spas up to 96".
Manufactured by: Cover Butler
Model: Spa Cover Lifter
Product ID: AC13
4.5 based on 33 reviews
Cover Butler Spa Cover Lifter
This gas assisted lift has an under-mount base, and works with all shapes! - round, octagonal, cut corner.Super stable design makes your cover effortlessly light.
Manufactured by: Cover Caddy
Model: Spa Cover Lifter
Product ID: Ccaddy
4.1 based on 4 reviews
Cover Caddy
This simple, affordable system installs in minutes. Just slide your cover over the edge and these heavy duty brackets 'catch' it easily.
Manufactured by: Cover Catch
Product ID: Ccatch
3.7 based on 7 reviews
Cover Catch
Large swinging design ensures smooth operation. Padded hand grip, easy install makes this a popular one.
Manufactured by: Easy Lifter
Product ID: Ceasy
4.0 based on 11 reviews
CoverMate Easy Lifter
Recommended for smaller spas, a basic lift with minimal parts and simple design.
Manufactured by: Covermate
Model: Eco Lifter
Product ID: Ceco
4.3 based on 13 reviews
Covermate Eco Lifter
The placement location of the supporting brackets allow you to "park" the lid in the open position to provide a wind or privacy screen. Requires a 12" clearance behind the spa. Padded foam hand grip. Fits spas up to 96" wide. Two available mounting options allow 1/2 to 1/3 of cover to remain above tub edge.
Manufactured by: Covermate
Model: Covermate
Product ID: AC12
4.1 based on 7 reviews
CoverMate Coverlifter
Raises the cover and sits on the back edge of the spa. Requires a minimum of 6" of clearance. This is the deluxe lifter! Requires minimal effort to lift spa cover. Fits spas up to 96".
Manufactured by: Covermate
Model: Spa Cover Lift III
Product ID: AC10
4.4 based on 9 reviews
Covermate Coverlifter III
Mounts at bottom of cabinet to lower spa cover behind spa. Requires a minimum of 18" of clearance. Padded foam hand grips. Handles covers up to 96".
Manufactured by: Covermate
Model: Coverlifter II
Product ID: AC55
4.2 based on 11 reviews
Covermate Coverlifter II
Covermate Freestyle cover lifter for round or odd shaped spas. Base plate slips under tub so no mounting hardware is needed.
Manufactured by: Covermate
Model: Freestyle
Product ID: AC90
4.1 based on 9 reviews
Covermate Freestyle Cover Lifter
Cover Rx for Softub, Cover Valet brand. This Lid Lift's baseplate stays securely under the spa due to the weight of the water in the spa. The lifting mechanism utilizes a gas shock to allow easy one-handed operation. In the open position, the cover can act as a privacy screen to make your spa setting more secluded. 5 year limited warranty.
Manufactured by: Cover Rx
Model: for Softub
Product ID: CoverRx
4.5 based on 12 reviews
Cover Rx for Softub
Great choice for tight spots, requires only 5 inches clearance. Dual gas assist lifts help you ease your cover up. Locks up to remain safe, mounts to top edge of cabinet. 5 year warranty.
Manufactured by: Cover Valet
Model: Cover Valet
Product ID: Cvalet
4.2 based on 10 reviews
Cover Valet
Easy as it looks. Just push your cover straight off on these two heavy duty brackets that swing in when not in use.
Manufactured by: Cover Shelf
Model: Cover Shelf
Product ID: Cshelf
4.1 based on 10 reviews
Cover Shelf
This simple design swings back your cover and stops it vertically all with a one piece frame that mounts to spa base. Padded hand grip eases use, fits spas up to 96 inches.
Manufactured by: Cover Rock-it Lifter
Model: Cover Rock-it Lifter
Product ID: Crockit
4.3 based on 9 reviews
Cover Rock-it Lifter
Designed to be the easiest lifter to use, and install! Requires no leveling or measuring, large heavy-duty bracket self aligns for super simple mounting.
Manufactured by: DuraLift
Model: Cover Lifter
Product ID: CDuralift
4.3 based on 14 reviews
DuraLift Cover Lifter


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