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Jacuzzi Accessories

Jacuzzi Parts & AccessoriesJacuzzi is the company that started the modern hot tub industry. The Jacuzzi brothers came to the United States in the early 1900s from Europe. Making their mark first in aviation, they later turned their attention to water systems and pumps in California's orange groves.

In 1925, the brothers revolutionized the agricultural industry by creating the first submersible pump. In 1968, Roy Jacuzzi took the portable hydrotherapy pump to the next level by creating and marketing the world's first integrated whirlpool bath called the "Roman."

The key to the Roman was the incorporation of innovative therapy jets into the sides of the tub. His patented jets produced a unique 50/50 air-to-water ratio, which Jacuzzi hot tubs still use to this day.

Jacuzzi Manuals
Owner's Manuals

From Jacuzzi pumps to Jacuzzi replacement jets, we offer a full line of Jacuzzi parts and accessories below.

Jacuzzi Heaters  
Low flow canister measures 3 inches diameter, 6.5 inches long, 3/4 inch barb end connections. 240Volt, 4.0kW. Thermcore Brand, 1 yr warranty. Black housing shields pressure switch (installed & calibrated) and heater contacts. Specific cord ends should identify this common heater.
Manufactured by: Gatsby/Blue Ridge/Jacuzzi
Model: Spa Heater
Product ID: A325002
4.1 based on 5 reviews
Gatsby/Blue Ridge/Jacuzzi Spa Heater
4kW, 240Volt. Used in R574 and R576 systems.
Manufactured by: Jacuzzi
Model: Replacement Heater for R574 / R576 systems
Product ID: A53349
4.3 based on 7 reviews
Jacuzzi Replacement Heater for R574 / R576 systems
5.5 kW, 240Volt. Includes foam wrap. 3/4 inch in/out.
Manufactured by: Sundance
Model: Vertical Canister Spa Heater
Product ID: A6500-301
4.3 based on 11 reviews
Jacuzzi/Sundance Vertical Canister Spa Heater
Replaces JWB# 6521000, 240Volt, 5.5kW,2 1/4 inch slip ends for couplings, 17 3/8 long. The standard heater for decades for numerous Jacuzzi models.
Manufactured by: JAC
Model: Spa Heater Replaces JWB# 6521000
Product ID: H463711415
4.2 based on 5 reviews
JAC Jacuzzi Spa Heater
Jacuzzi Jets  
Includes body w/ alignment ring and nut, nozzle, clamping ring and gasket. Stainless bolts are common #8-32 x 1/2 inch.
Manufactured by: Jacuzzi
Model: AMH Type Jets
Product ID: jaamhtyjejet
4.1 based on 11 reviews
Jacuzzi AMH Type Jets
COMPLETE JET includes one each of JET BODY 1 1/2 inch water slip glue ftg. and 1/2 inch air. Hole size needed is 3 1/2 inch, PVC PLUG, ALIGNMENT RING, LOCK NUT, SWIVEL ASSEMBLY, 3-HOLE PLASTIC CLAMP RING w/ LOGO, 3-HOLE CLAMP RING GASKET. Use Stainless #6 screws, 1/2 inch long to clamp in swivel assembly to allow limited movement for adjustability.
Manufactured by: Jacuzzi
Model: HTC Type Jets
Product ID: jabrhtcjejet
4.3 based on 9 reviews
Jacuzzi HTC Type Jets
Jacuzzi 'BMH' jet, complete. Available in grey/silver only (shown on right), as a complete unit, including jet body nut (not pictured). Hole size needed is 2 inches, jet body has one inch water and air slip glue fittings.
Manufactured by: Jacuzzi
Model: BMH Type Jets
Product ID: jabmhspareje
4.5 based on 7 reviews
Jacuzzi BMH Type Jets
Jacuzzi Pumps  
Jacuzzi J, K, style pump head COMPLETE. This version accepts Jacuzzi's 'self-aligning' 1 1/2 inch pump unions.
Manufactured by: Jacuzzi
Model: J, K, Style Pump Head
Product ID: jajkstpuhe
4.1 based on 5 reviews
Jacuzzi J, K, Style Pump Head
Jacuzzi Brand skimmer door. Found on Jacuzzi's for decades, as well as many other brands. Press/snap fits on skimmer box, sold as one-piece unit, parts not avail separately. Comes in silver/grey only.
Manufactured by: Jacuzzi
Model: Spa Skimmer Door
Product ID: H513601012
3.9 based on 3 reviews
Jacuzzi Spa Skimmer Door
Complete with grey flange and two 4-bolt unions and gaskets. This is a non-rebuildable pump, sold as a complete unit. There are tens of thousands of these out there, made for a few decades. There is only one that looks like this. If you have a seal leak then you need to replace entire pump.
Manufactured by: Jacuzzi
Model: Whirlpool Bath Pump
Product ID: jawhbapu
4.4 based on 6 reviews
Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath Pump
Jacuzzi Piranha pump head. 48 Frame, 2 inch standard pump unions, complete. Special order. NOTE:***6/1/12*** FRONT half of pump is no longer available! Glue up what you have, or switch out complete wet end. Sorry folks!
Manufactured by: Jacuzzi
Model: Piranha Pump Head
Product ID: japipuhe
4.1 based on 2 reviews
Jacuzzi Piranha Pump Head
Fits many Jacuzzi-only pumps, thread-specific. fits 1 1/2 inch (inner) or 2 inch (outer) PVC pipe. Proprietary 'knuckle' design permits swivel movement of pipe inside threaded nut. One set includes nut, body, and O-ring.
Manufactured by: Jacuzzi
Model: Spa Pump Union
Product ID: H891051506
4.8 based on 4 reviews
Jacuzzi Spa Pump Union
Jacuzzi Filters  
Jacuzzi 25 sq. ft filter for Aero, Caressa, etc using skimmer box with weir door (two-part folding door). Measures 5 5/8 inch diameter, 10 3/8 inches long, closed top and 2 1/8 inch hole on bottom. Note pull string to remove from skimmer. Codes: Unicel = C-5601, Filbur = FC-1330, Pleatco = PJW23.
Manufactured by: Jacuzzi
Model: 25 Sq. Ft. Spa Filter
Product ID: H171751395
4.2 based on 2 reviews
Jacuzzi 25 Sq. Ft. Spa Filter for Aero, Caressa, etc
Jacuzzi 50 sq. ft. filter for Aero, Caressa, etc. using skimmer box with weir door (two part folding door). Measures 5 5/8 dimeter, 10 3/8 long, closed top, and 2 1/8 inch hole on bottom. Note pull string to remove from skimmer. Codes: Unicel = C-5300, Filbur = FC1320, Pleatco = PJW50.
Manufactured by: Jacuzzi
Model: 50 Sq. Ft. Spa Filter
Product ID: H171751400
4.3 based on 6 reviews
Jacuzzi 50 Sq. Ft. Spa Filter for Aero, Caressa, etc.
Jacuzzi 60 sq. ft. filter for models 1997 and newer.
Manufactured by: Jacuzzi
Model: 60 Sq. Ft. Spa Filter
Product ID: ja6019andups
4.0 based on 1 reviews
Jacuzzi 60 - 1997 and Newer Filter
Jacuzzi Plumbing  
Compression fittings for 1/4 inch outside diameter white hard lines. Used on Jacuzzi's for years for primer lines and drainback feeds. Available in straight and 90 degree style. 1/8 inch npt threads - install w/ teflon tape or 100% silicone. Includes complete fitting: body, nut, compression gasket and stainless pinch ring.
Manufactured by: Jacuzzi
Model: Compression Fittings
Product ID: cofi
4.0 based on 3 reviews
Jacuzzi Compression Fittings
Topside mounted air button used in Jacuzzi Brand tubs for decades. Used to actuate rocker air switches for function selectors, and attaches to clear airline tubing. Comes complete with silver trim only, ONE bellows.
Manufactured by: Jacuzzi
Model: AIr Bellows
Product ID: JWB6828000
3.9 based on 2 reviews
Jacuzzi Air Bellows
Jacuzzi air button repair kit. Used to replace buttons and trim on Jacuzzi bellows. Set of two (as shown), Silver/grey only.
Manufactured by: Jacuzzi
Model: Air Button Repair Kit
Product ID: JWB8140945
4.4 based on 6 reviews
Jacuzzi Air Button Repair Kit
Most common valve used for decades. Notice NEW style spring loaded valve internal (red). Old style (purple) shown for reference.
Manufactured by: Jacuzzi
Model: Air Controls - 2 Knob Faceplate
Product ID: 8241914
4.1 based on 1 reviews
Jacuzzi Air Controls - 2 Knob Faceplate
Silver/grey only. Used on older (70's,80's,90's) control systems, attached to flexible control cable (ask us..) and slips over flat-sided round shaft.
Manufactured by: Jacuzzi
Model: Thermostat Knob
Product ID: JWB8611945
4.5 based on 4 reviews
Jacuzzi Thermostat Knob
There's only one, this is it... slides in shelf tabs inside Jacuzzi Brand front-load skimmer boxes, behind two-part hinged door. (see: Jacuzzi skimmer door) Measure 7 1/2 inches X 6 3/8 inches.
Manufactured by: Jacuzzi
Model: Skimmer Tray
Product ID: H513601005
4.5 based on 8 reviews
Jacuzzi Skimmer Tray


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